I’m modding accounts on SAS 3 iOS for only 5$ and I can add anything like level, money, guns, etc just HMU on snap and I’ll send proof my Snapchat is. angelreyes1911

Squad Info Edit

Task Force 0 is a Android/IOS Squad,we are still a growing clan.The name of the clan i got from the Task Force 141 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.Ever since that update in SAS3 where u can create Squads/Clans then I decided to create this clan.December 17,2014 the Squad was created.

Squad Chat Edit

As of the new update there is a chat option or Squad chat in SAS3.There members can chat and talk about anything.

Squad Requirements Edit

Rank - 30 or higher(though if u have good skills or good weapons already then u could get accepted) Guns - Any good gun,though premium guns would be nice though. Respect - Must show respect to Squad members and to the Leader and Officers. Must be playing on Android/IOS

Squad Members Edit

Leader and Founder Edit

  • Zombie A$$ASINN

Officers Edit

No officers as of now because im still looking for a good officer among my members.

Members Edit

  • Nahum
  • Destroyer
  • hErO

Member Information Edit

Zombie A$$ASINN Edit

  • IGN - Zombie A$$ASINN
  • Premium Weapons - RPG-7,ZCS Wipeout
  • Rank - Elite X(50)
  • Country - Philippines
  • Info - I'm 15 years old,i like playing video games,football and obviously SAS 3.I bought the RPG-7 and ZCS Wipeout a few months after i became level 50.But that's just a little part of my life.