Just got the game? Don't know anything? Suck balls at it? Don't worry, you're in the right place.

Read on nub.

Basic Tips/In a nutshellEdit

Shoot zombies, don't let them eat your brains. Try to rank up, then you will unlock better weapons. See below for the controls:

IMG 0107

General TipsEdit

  • Try to keep as much distance between you and the zombie, but keep in mind the effective range of your weapon.
  • ALWAYS keep moving, plain and simple.
  • If you buy a premium weapon (support the devs mate!) or once you unlock some better weapons, try to find a spot on the map where you can make the zombies approach in straight line. This makes it much easier to kill them all down. make sure to keep them in one direction to avoid getting cornered.
  • Reload whenever you have a moment, don't wait for your mag to empty!
  • NEVER, EVER back into a corner. This will most likely lead to you getting killed, especially if you need to reload with the gnashing jaws of the undead meters away.
  • Don't risk your life for a weapon box. Wait till' near the end of a wave or in between. Most likely at a low level it will definitely not be worth it. Maybe later on when you start getting AWDSs and Holy Grenades, but until then play it safe. Only try and repair barricades when trying to hold one area, or on smaller maps.
  • Try multiplayer when you are still a nub, otherwise if you die the game ends, and your XP and money gain will be greatly lessened.
  • Read the "How to Troll People" page for some early warning signs of a dickwad teammate.
  • Recently, a new feature was added: ads. You know wat that means? More cash for you, more cash for them. The formula works like this: (Rank/2)x400, and with downloading apps is (Rank/2)x4000. Very worth the 30 seconds.
  • Pistols are not recomended for ranks above 10. Using pistols may mean infinite ammo, but by the end of a multiplayer match, you get barely any kills, with a small reward. Using SMGs and Assault Rifles really boosts those kills, and a larger reward. Ammo isn't that expensive, except for Shotguns, LMGs, and some Special Weapons. Not recomended until a high rank.
  • A great tactic is to circle the zombies, or to go in "C" shapes for tight spots. Since the zombies follow your path rather than by line of sight, going in "C" shapes is a great tactic. A common spot is the bottom right corner of Verdammtenstadt.

Tips for MapsEdit

Nope. Go here.