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Farmhouse - Neo_Wolf

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Airbase - Neo

Karnivale - Neo

The Elite Wars, All Series - Neo

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Farmhouse: A Lesson Learned, by Neo_Wolf

Just barely getting off the plane, I looked around the abandoned farmhouse. Stained with blood on the walls, I wondered if the owners were lucky enough to have a quick death. I looked at the four of us. The ensign was polishing his AK-47, the private shivering (more likely because of fear then the wind), and the marshall checking his RPD, probably seeing if it was jammed or not.

"Get your act together, men. I see the horde coming in..." The marshall stood up and started shouting orders."Private, you stay with me- we're defending the annex. The two of you," he pointed to us, "can stay on the north side and watch each others backs. We're going to have a rough night.

I, (an ensign as well) took out my trusty Raging Bull and Desert Eagle. Painted on the sides were Ivory and Ebony, respectively. Dual wielding was a favorite of mine- sure, it was inaccurate, but I taught myself to hold the recoil down, as well as reloading each gun with one hand.

"What's with you?" the ensign asked me. "Pistols on zombies? Hell, the only time I've ever used one during a zombie fight was when I was a private."

"I have a thing for pistols. Free ammo from the SAS? Sounds great to me, and these things have never let me down."

"Whatever you say," he responded. "Die for all I care, assault rifles are the way to go."

I shrugged, and got ready for the zed. Placing myself near the northeast side, I had two barricades to take care of. My fellow soldier took the larger room.

"Oh no... oh no. Oh no," the private moaned.

My partner muttered to me, "Poor guy. He's going to have a rough time."

I silently nodded in response. Suddenly, I heard a sort of roaring sound.

"They're here..." the marshall grimly spoke. "Don't die, gentlemen. It would be such a sad day if you did." He gave everyone a wry smile, and started mowing down every zombie in his zone. The private tried to catch up- but you can't do many things with a G17.

The ensign started shooting with his AK. Though inaccurate, it got the job done. I started to shoot the windows to the front and right of me, with the R.B. and DEagle. Everything was going fine, with the blood and guts splattering against the barricades- until a butcher got in.

The private, being new, did not know how to deal with a butcher. Nor did he know about the worms. (SAS usually informs new members of the zombies, but this private was rushed in.) As a result, a bloody mess was made, and not the good kind. Fortunately, the marshall had some extra grenades and the annex was cleared- but not before the private was brutally injured.

I tried to treat him whilst the others were controlling the horde. I put him on the bloodied up mattress, but alas, it was too late...

*time to add some Gears of War 2 epic moment* *sadly I can't really fit it in*

Returning to blowing up some zeds, I didn't notice that my company already finished them off.

"You seem to take your time now, ensign." The marshall seemed tired and had a few scratches on his face, but other than that, he was fine. The other guy was knocked out.

I felt a burst of regret. We could've died while I was busy with the private. "Don't worry sir... I've learned my lesson."

Airbase: Overran and Cleaned Up, by Neo_Wolf

"Flight 26 is departing in 20 minutes."

Those were the last words I heard before we were ran over. But before that...

We came in the airport 10 days after my farmhouse extraction. We managed to get some results there- the zed virus was spreading through the air. Thank god we had our masks on.

We entered Cambrian Airways with full suits on. Strapped to my belt was, as always, my trusty Ebony and Ivory. In my hands was my newly purchased AUG Para. We were sent here for protection- a horde was around a 20 mile radius of here. As if. Like we'll be able to protect the whole base when zombies come running in, let alone each other. My optimism was obviously in full power today.

As soon as we (a general, a corporal, and a 1st Lieutenant) came in, the whole airbase quieted down. With everyone staring at us, we awkwardly got into position and got ready for a fight. The lower ranks both had a backup Ruger- How low, a Ruger... I can't believe I didn't tell them to bring a DEagle, or a RB. Should really learn to speak up.- and some other gun they held. The lieutenant, a SPAS-12, and the corporal, a Vector. The crowd soon ignored us and went their ways to wherever they were going to.

"So- heard you attained 11 ranks in 10 days? My, my, aren't you a little excited?" The general grinned at me. "Why in such a hurry?"

"Not much of a hurry," I responded, "if ranking takes no skill... Anyway, I've ranked up for a favorite gun of mine..."

"The Nitro? Haha, that power is known all over the SAS. It's a favorite of everyone's, and zeds hate such a beast. Not that they have a brain to feel that." He seemed as if in a dreamy state. "I've stayed with the ARX160, but a Nitro's good to get one out of a tight place."

As I dreamily thought about the power and destruction that the Nitro had, my allies were busy talking to each other. Last night football's game? It's amazing they keep such light moods in a dark time. Getting back to reality, I casted a glance to the general's ARX. Damn, what a nice gun... shame it doesn't come with a bayonet.

Suddenly, a civilian started screaming. We rushed in to see what was happening- A zombie, already breaching the area? Impossible...

Fortunately, (but I was a bit %!$#%! off) it was just a mouse.

"Wow... nice one lady," murmured the lieutenant.

Again, another civilian started screaming- a child- but this time, it was an actual emergency. I've seen a hell lot of bits and pieces in my time in the SAS, but it was too much when I saw 3 sprinters on a defenseless child. I'll spare you the details. In rage, I pulled out my AUG and pierced all those #%$@%!.

"Flight 26 is departing in 20 minutes."

The true battle then began.

People ran everywhere, some leaving their suitcases in fear, others trying to keep their precious belongings. Soon, more and more became zeds, and it wasn't soon until the whole airbase was flooded with a fetid smell. In the rush, the corporal came to his senses and took out his Vector, starting to spray. Although a pretty smart idea, given the the situation we were in, the Vector didn't do much. As we all started to regain our senses and went a-blazing our guns, the horde was too much, and started to push us closer to a corner. For a moment, I thought we were a goner- until Runite came in with a helicopter and RPG. Blowing everything up in just a shot, I was quite appalled- the bloodshed was horrific, carnage everywhere.

"Heard from H.Q. you guys needed help." Runite seemed quite pleased with himself. Well, I couldn't blame him- he just saved all our !&$es.

"Yeah, thanks a whole bunch," said the corporal. He seemed in a state of shock, as well as the lieutenant. The general, seeing much gore and hell already, simply nodded to Runite.

"Well," said Runite, "we'll get going no-"


What the hell?!

An airplane came out of nowhere and crashed the helicopter into the building. Horrified, we all went to the crash site- There, we saw what became of the pilot and Runite. Hurrying to the crash site, I went to Runite. He was mutilated... Starting to take my mask off in respect- screw the virus- the others followed my lead.

"Well... he's in a better place now," the general said.


My god... don't those zombies ever stop!? "Men," I started to say, "we're taking those zombies down. In honor of Runite." The rest nodded their heads in response. Taking the RPG, I blew it full blast into the horde. I grimly smiled. There were a few hundred left.

"Let's do this." The general got his ARX and pierced the zeds in a straight line. The corporal and lieutenant followed his lead, combining both of their firepower together. Well, that's a first. An SMG and a shotty. Interesting tactic. I, myself... I ran in, pistols out. Jumping on the zombies, I blew each @#$^@!'s head off. A beautiful sight. What am I turning into?...

About 4 minutes later, the whole crowd was demolished.

"Nice work men. Nice work." The general cleaned his gun with a cloth- there was some blood on it, but nothing a little polish couldn't clean. I called in HQ.

Radio Transmission HQ, come in, HQ.

This is HQ, was your mission a success?

Don't know if you would call the airbase destroyed with the zeds a success, but in terms, yes.

Excellent. What happened to backup?

We... we lost them. They crashed into the building. Damn airplane. Most likely infected with zeds.

I see... good men must die sometime. We're sending a heli to pick up the team. Over and out.

Looking back at the airport, I glanced at our team's progress. Blood everywhere, guts and organs misplaced... Another normal day of hell.

Karnivale: A New Ally, by Neo_Wolf

Just a bit o' background: Ivory is a Desert Eagle, Ebony is a Raging Bull.


"Pssst, over here!" I silently whisper-yelled to Houf and Ninja. I was inside the Carnival (or Karnivale, as the SAS like to say), about to show them a pretty cool artifact of a gun. I felt for Ebony and Ivory in my boots, making sure they were still there.

"What the bloody hell are we doing?" Houf asked. He looked a bit impatient as we trudged through the debris, his REC7 in hand.

"Ahh, it's a surprise!" I smiled in return.

"Well hurry up, Neo," Ninja insisted. "I think H.Q.'s going to notice we're not on duty..." he fidgeted with his FAL.

Oh, yeah. We're not supposed to be here... Karnivale was strictly off-limits after the virus spread through here.

"Besides," Ninja started, "the place is supposed to be filled with lots of Mamushkas." Our nicknames for the dreadful splitters.

"Ahh, don't get your... tail in a twist." I said awkwardly. "Trust me, it's going to be sweet!" We continued on through the wrecked merry-go-rounds, game booths, and ticket booths. Finally, I found what I was looking for. "Here it is, guys!" I said in excitement as I showed them the G17. Houf and Ninja stayed silent (most likely derping). Then, Houf opened his mouth.

"What the flipping FU-" he started to say, clenching his hands into fists. Ninja gave me a facepalm and flipped the bird. Meanwhile, Houf started to raise his fists and was about to connect them with my face.

"Hey, hey, take it easy!" I said as I raised my arms. "You haven't seen what it does yet." I started cocking the gun at a ferris wheel.

"Okay, so you're expecting us to watch you shoot a G17 that does something probably REALLY crappy an-" Houf stopped in mid sentence as I shot the gun.



I smiled in delight as the ferris wheel turned into a mesh of steel wires and flame. The frags in the gun were really quite awesome.

Ninja and Houf (actually, just Houf) were silent again, this time in awe.

"Holy S---." They both said in unison.

"Sweet, right?" I observed the gun, pleased, with satisfaction that I impressed them both. "This little thing packs a big-@$@ wallop."

"When the hell did you find that?" Ninja asked me.

"Ahh, well..." I started to say. Quite coincidentally, at that time, zeds decided to start and show up. They came out of the woods we traveled through to get to Karnivale. Wait, what the hell? NOW they decide to show up? The f---?!

"S---!" Houf cursed. He readied his gun. "Well, it was going to happen..." he stated grimly.

"And here I was, thinking that we were going to have a nice, quiet time," Ninja groaned as he pulled out his FAL.

*cough* "Keep your spirits up, guys! We have a G17- er... Grenade 17?" I chuckled/groaned at my little joke. Becoming more serious, I aimed the gun at the biggest point of the horde and shot.


"Wait, what the..."

Click. Clickclickclickclick.

"..." Houf and Ninja did not looked pleased. Sighing, they both started shooting into the crowd.

Nice one Neo. You really scored some bromance there. I prepared a barricade around us with what trash leftover, then got E & I out. While they were shooting into the main source (that is, the point with the most zombies), I jumped onto the barricade and shot the zombies getting near. Started jumping on their heads and deploying my usual "jump on one, shoot one" move. Typical tactical plan. Everything was going okay, 'til the Mamushkas started coming. Ivory decided to start jamming, too.

"Damn it!" I cursed as I saw a Mamushka lunging toward me. I bashed it in the head with the butt of Ivory, and shot it with Ebony.


It made that horrible scream as it split in half as the head blew up, the body opening revealing 2 smaller versions of the horrid thing.

"Watch out, Neo!" Houf shot the 2 that split as they were about to gut me, stunning them.

I quickly flew out of there, fixing Ivory and getting back to the barricade base. "Thanks, I owe you one Houf," I told him.

"Yeah yeah, just hurry and get back to shooting them down!" he shouted as he focused fire on the 4 Mamushkas that came out from the last one.

"Crap!" Ninja cursed in exasperation. "I'm running out of ammo!" It was quite impressive how we all kept so much ammo on ourselves.

"It's not going to well over here either," Houf shouted on the other side of the base.

Heh... gotta love pistols- you can keep so much ammo in so many various places. I kept shooting into the crowd, but as more and more Mamushkas overwhelmed us, I started to pray silently as guts gruesomely sprayed everywhere.

"God ---- it! We're not going to make it!" Houf shouted and ran back to where I was, along with Ninja, their guns on the floor as they took out their knives. It seemed as if we were just about to get decapitated, until...


"What the hell?!" Half the crowd of zombies suddenly fell down, slain. The other half took their focus off us and onto something... something that couldn't be seen.

A flash of blue came before my eyes and took them down.

"Di- did you see that?" Ninja said. "Someone..."

"Or something just took those zeds out," Houf finished.

That... was it... I silently thought back to my childhood, trying to remember... something...

"Well, screw it Neo - I'm going back to HQ ASAP. I don't wanna deal with any more of this bullcrap," Houf grunted and left with his REC. Ninja quietly left the premises, too. I guess he didn't want to talk to me. Well, it *was* quite an awkward situation...Walking towards the dead crowd of zeds, I looked for clues or hints of what saved us. Didn't want to risk shouting - even more zeds might come. Upon the torn bodies, I found a small patch of solid blue fur. Huh... is it you, Ventus? I stood there for a while, thinking about my childhood friend... I shortly left afterwards, guns and blue fur in hand.

*Back at HQ*

"Well. Look who decided to show up," Houf said, arms crossed. We met in the main hall. "Didn't bring the Glock here?"

"Heh... let's just leave bad memories where they're supposed to be," I responded. "However, I did find something else interesting." I held up my hand and showed him the blue fur.

"Eh," Houf said, waving me away, not even taking a look at what I found. "I need to... take a nap." He left and went to his bunk. I didn't bother to look for Ninja - he was probably annoyed with me as well. Leaving the hall, I started my way toward the Lab.

Reaching the Lab, I took the public DNA scanner (yeah, we have those) and put the fur into the scanner. Accessing files
Subject undefined
Ha... just as I thought. SAS had everyone's DNA onto the main database - Everyone. Civilians and SAS included. Even animals, if there were any left (we excluded the smaller ones, like bugs). This must mean... It's him.

The Elite Wars, by Neo_Wolf

Part I


The Cryo tube opened.


"Ah damn, what the f---!" I thought as I fell down on the hard, cold, stone floor. Waking up, I saw other tubes around me... One had a particular looking person. He was all black, literally, black. Before trying to open it, I looked around the dark room. Nothing much was here, save a table, a torch, and a few guns."Hell, I might regret this..." Opening the tube, the figure fell on the floor.

"Bloody hell, what was that for?" That figure...

"Vando? You're alive!"

"Neo! Where in the name of zeds are we?" He looked around, observing the tubes around us.

"I have no idea, but man, am I p-----!" Looking to the table on the right of me, I blankly looked at a hand. A decapitated hand. "Hey, Vando... seems like the world ended. Look at this." I picked up the bloody corpse hand. It was in a fist shape, holding a piece of paper. It was ripped in shreds, barely readable.

"What's that letter say?"

The End is Nigh
Where have our SAS gone?
it... end... world... may have...
few... living... everyone for themse...

"Typical," I blatantly said.

"Wait," Vando started. "If it says something about us, then..."

"I have no idea what happened after our last mission in the Isle," I said roughly. "But we're still living, and that counts."

"Well, if we're still living," said Vando, "then we should keep living."

"Right you are, my friend." Picking up the guns on the table, I handed one to him. "What's this?" I wondered. The gun wasn't any that I was familiar with. On the side held the words 'Wipeout'.

"Dunno 'bout you, but, haha! My ol' Grendel." Vando looked pleased to have his trusty standby back in his hands.

"Well," I said with a grim grin. "Time for some fun."

Part II

Opening the door, it led to a long staircase, spiraling up. "Guessing we came from a dungeon, eh?" Vando suggested.

"Most likely, yes." As we walked, the air got gradually colder, and I started to smell a familiar odor...

"Haha, we're gonna be having some zeds tonight!" Vando looked significantly joyous.

"Yeah, well..." I started with a grim remark. "Let's hope they didn't get any stronger."

Reaching the top floor, we both nodded at each other, readied our guns, and kicked it down.

"Holy s---..." I silently said. This place...

"Hey," Vando started, "is this... Verdam?"

"Right you are, my friend. And we're probably in the mi-"


"-dle of a zombie rape train," I finished, ignoring the rude zombie noises.

"Riiiight... well, I'm just gonna walk around and, you know, do the usual," Vando said as he started to shoot some zeds.

"You're not gonna be the only one hav- WHAT THE HELL?" I started as the bullets surprisingly flamed the zeds.

"Dude. That is so not fair," Vando said and stared in jealously. I flashed a trollface as I killed some zeds.

"You mad?" I smiled as every living thing I shot burst into flames.

As Vando was shooting, he said, "You know, you gotta share some fun- oh my. What's this?" He picked up what seemed to be a minigun.

I kept shooting. "Vando, if you die, I'm taking your minigun." I said humorously.

"Haha, you're funny Neo," he said as he dropped his Grendel and charged up the gun. Vrooom.... "I'm never going to die. Now, let's see this big boy's po-"



The gun buzzed out his long string of fancy words. It was kind of entertaining to see zeds splattered everywhere, while Vando was taking a huge recoil from the thing. As the dust cleared and the zombies blew up, I walked over to Vando and slapped him on the back. "Nice one, bud. You didn't save any for me."

His grin was about as wide as a child being taken to Disneyland, Chuck E. Cheeses, and getting everything he wanted for Christmas. "Hey, Neo... I think we could split up now. No more looking after each other's backs."

"I was thinking of that too. Besides, you take all of the zombies. Heheh, well, it was great being with you Van," I said as we shook hands.

"Same, same," and with that, we split apart.

Part III

Note: Quotes inside italics are thoughts.

Neo Walking towards the woods, I holstered the Wipeout on my back, and began to try and look for some survivors, maybe some fellow SAS. "Ahh, who am I kidding, maybe they're all dead..."

Other than finding a few spare zombies running around (not too bad, just some swarmers and sprinters), I found pretty much nothing- 'til I reached a corpse. "Hmm? What's this?" Looking at the body, I saw a funny-lookin' shotgun...

'SCIMTR - Bio Weapon' it read. A note on it said, "WARNING- Beta weapon- related to Prototype 'Wipeout'". "Wipeout? Hm... well... wouldn't hurt taking this." Picking it up, I decided to try a test shoot on a zombie. "Hope this thing isn't too loud," and thinking of that, shot a zombie in the distance. Surprisingly, I got a hit- and shortly after, the zombie


exploded into many pieces. "That. Was. WICKED."

My untimely shout seemed to wake up many, many zombies in the forest.

And I mean many.

"... Awwwww F-" My shout attracts them, but the shotgun doesn't!?


The Devastator's roar beat me by a mile. "If I'm dying, I'm dying with dignity." I dual wielded both the Wipeout and Scimmy (as I called it now), surprisingly feeling relatively light for its size. The smell of flames and blasts of gore filled the air- "What the bloody hell? I'm... living!" Feeling a bit more cocky, I started to run into the zombie crowd, planning to jump on their heads like in the old days, but, alas, I tripped.
On a rock. And my weapons flew out of my hands.

"Okay. I'm an idiot. I'm screwed."


Note: Do take note, that the start of Vando starts at relatively the same time as when I "walk toward the woods" and this will be applied in future parts.

"Ahh, splitting with Neo... this is actually pretty calm," the first words coming into my mind as I walked toward the other side of Verdam. "Now, I should probably find some shelter first..." Stretching my legs out (seeing as how I couldn't do much inside that tiny room), I quietly walked through the forest ruins. Blood was scratched and smeared on the trees, and the forest was ripped apart. "This looked like a pretty forest... shame zeds had to come and bring Hell with them." The ground was littered with gore and guts, probably from poor stragglers and survivors.

Suddenly, something made a sound behind me. Not wanting to be an idiot and die, I, by instinct, pulled out the (wait, MY) minigun and held the trigger to get it ready to shoot.

"Wait! Wait... Please, don't shoot."

Pulling my finger off the trigger, I slowly walked to the figure. It was a fellow SAS member - (The) U!

"Bloody hell, mate! Damn... what happened to you?" He looked torn up, his uniform ripped, his body showing signs of scars and scratches from the zeds.

He pointed up to the tree behind him. "Shot... zombies... sniper... z3l... fell out of tree... couldn't save..."

"Man, please, don't die now..." I held back the tears as my fellow soldier lied dying.

"Don't... trust... SOUP..." With those last words, he passed away and died.

"No! Damn it!" I kicked the tree, letting out my anger. "What did he mean?... Don't trust SOUP?" I thought deeply, trying to remember the times before Neo and I were in the cryochambers. "Agh... no use trying to think about it. I barely remembered what happened at Black Isle. Screw it, I'll think about it later." I looked at The_U. He seemed still, pale white, and lifeless. "Heh. I guess he was one of the lucky ones..." I wryly thought.

I looked up to the tree. "He did say he was shooting zombies from up there..." I dropped my minigun, and made myself as light as possible to climb the tree. Reaching the top, I found a grenade and what seemed to be a Mark II. Taking it, I dropped down to the ground and found myself face to face with yet another soldier...

"Well, well, well. How has it been Vando?" Undefined said to me. His SAS outfit was completely clean, apart from a few bloodstains. He had what seemed to be a katana on his back, as well as an RPG on his... ankle?

Giving him a big smile, I welcomed him and said, "You are one crazy son of a gun, going solo in this hell place."

"What the hell are you talking about? Look at you!" He grimly smiled.

"Touche." He looked at the Mark II in my hands. "Say... mind if I take that? My RPG's almost out of nukes, and I don't think I'll make it much farther."

"Hell," I said, "Take the damn thing. Poor U just passed away about now..."

He frowned in disgust. "Those damn zeds. Taking out everyone we know... Ahh, he was a good man. So, what are you up to?"

I picked up my minigun and we started walking wherever our feet lead us. I told him about how Neo and I woke up from cryochambers, how we got our weapons, and the events that happened from there, up to now.

He grinned and said, "Neo's still alive? Too bad he doesn't have that damn Nitro with him anymore, haha!"

I wryly smiled and said, "I think the "Bio-Weapon" is going to be his new favorite thing. It'll save his @#%! more than once, that's for sure."

He chuckled and agreed. "So, why did the both of you split up?"

I responded, "Actually, I have no &%@&# idea! It was probably kind of an idiotic plan, but Neo really wanted to split for some reason...

"That bonehead," Undefined halfheartedly said. "Misses his zombie killing, probably..."

But I knew that we were both worrying about him. "Neo... don't be confident."

Jason's Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

===Discovery at the Air Base

Me and my fellow soldiers started to equip as the chopper hovered over the drop-site. I equiped my FAL and recently purchased Spas. I had always had a particular knack for shotties. They may have had bad range, but they sure did get the job done. Among the group was an ensign and a seargant ( I was a chief ensign myself ). And then their was my best friend Jim. He was a commander. The only reason he was assigned to my squad was because I record of screwing things up. So he was here to babysit me for the time being.

"Get ready men!" Jim shouted as he double-checked his M240. We all grabbed some extra ammo and supplies before we headed out. Jim looked over to me. "Don't screw anything up," he said. "And don't get killed," he added. "Its all good," I said. "I brought some asprin just incase." Jim gave me a dirty look. "Just trying to lighten the mood," I said. Jim sighed. The pilot looked back at us and gave us the go.

We all hopped out and jogged to the entrance of the air base we were raiding. Jim stopped us in front of the broken down door. He poked his infared radar inside the door. "I'm not picking up any signals," he said. "Jason," he said. "You'll stay with the seargant. And you'll come with me," Jim said looking at the ensign.

Jim kicked down the door not-so-gracefully and surveyed the area and motioned for us to enter. As we did we spread out throughout the base. "I'll take the annex," I said to the seargant. He nodded and went to another barricaded window. And then from the thick yellow smog appeared the Horde. "They can smell us," I heard Jim say at a parrallel barricade. As soon as they came into range I pulled out my FAL and started to unload. I gritted my teeth as they splattered all over the walls.

There was so many they started to break down the barricades and enter the Base. This went on for nine waves. Jim was fending them off as much as he could, until his M240 ran out of ammo. He reached for a grenade, but he had used them all. "Jim!" I shouted. He looked back. I tossed him a grenade. He ripped off the pin and threw in towards the horde. We both dove out of the way. All of a sudden I felt a fiery heat on my back. It was a little to close for comfort.

I looked at all the singed carcuses on the ground and cringed. I saw that the seargant was injured and rushed to his aid. I took out some antiseptic and gause I had on my belt. I tried to patch him up the best I could. When I layed him down I turned around and got attacked. I was knocked on my butt, and a zombie was headed my way. I brought up my FAL only to find that it was empty. I grabbed my Spas and splattered the thing and got blood all over my face.

As I got to my feet again I was attacked by another one. Only after I splattered it did I notice it was the seargant. "I'll be damned," I muttered. After the onslaught was finished Jim and I were the only survivors. The chief ensign had been eaten to a pulp. "Jim," I said, "the virus isn't just in the air. The beasts are spreading now too."

"I noticed," he said. Some of the members of the SAS, such as myself are immune to the arial virus, which is why we have survived without a respirater. Jim walked up to a lifeless carcuss and pulled out a seringe. He drew some blood. "We're getting this to Forensics," He said. He called the chopper as we exited the slaughter house for good.

There it is. Open for criticism.

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Chapter 2 A meeting with Wolf

Jim and I ran over to the site that the chopper dropped us at. "The pilot will never be able to see us through this smog," Jim said. "Here," I said as I pulled a road flare from my belt and handed it to him.

"Perfect," He said. He lit the flare and started to wave it as if he was trying to flag someone down. Jim's vigorous flaging must have worked, because shortly after he started we could here the sound of rotars. I looked up to see the chopper coming closer to us and the ground.

Once the chopper came to a halt on the ground, the ramp dropped, and me and Jim hurried in. We were greeted by a young private who was most likely maning the ramp. Jim let out a sigh as he sat on the bench. So did I. It felt good to sit. Since it was a long flight to our remote Head Quarters, I decided to get some sleep, which was very rare. I took all my supplies and weapons off my shoulders to relieve some of the pressure.

By the time we had reached H.Q., I felt well and rested. We left our weapons on the chopper for the next mission. When we exited the chopper, we walked all the over to the other side of the hanger it was parked in. When we came to the wall, we came upon a titanium hatch. Jim opened the hatch and one by one we each descended until we all had entered a large dim chamber. To our left was a corridor. Jim led us down the corridor until we reached a titanium door all the way at the end.

Printed on the top of the door was the name Commander Wolf. Jim looked at me. I knew this guy. Even though he was the same rank as Jim, I still knew he was his supperior.

"Do not speak unless spoken to," Jim said. I nodded. As we entered the pilot and private waited outside the door for us. When we entered I saw it was just another chamber. There was a single desk in the room. The chair at the desk spun around and the commander rose.

The first thing I noticed was that on both of his hips were pistols. On his right, a Raging Bull .44, and on his left, was a DEagle. And on his desk along with some papers was a Nitro .600.

"So," He started, "Everthing went well, I presume?"

"Yes. But at the price of to more lives," Jim said.

"I see." Wolf said. "Some sacrifices are nessacary for a great victory. We will hold a small memorial in their service." He said.

"Thank you, Neo." Jim said. "The next mission I'm sending you on will be a purge. Go to your quarters and get some rest and then be in the briefing room at 0900 hours." Wolf said as he handed Jim and I a file. I opened it and glanced at it. It briefly explained our next mission. But I didn't have to worry about that now.

We exited Wolf's office and were rejoined by the pilot and private. When we walked down the corridor we come back to the chamber we were origionaly in. This time we each went down different corridors to get to our quarters. When I walked into my quarters, I found my room mate, Jack, who was also a pilot.

He greeted me. "I need some sleep," I said. "I've got to be in the briefing room in two hours."

"So do I," Jack replied.

I set my old rusy alarm clock, because I knew Jack wasn't very reliable when it comes to waking someone up. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

I awoke to a faint beeping. I hit the clock. I got up and cleaned up a little bit. I grabbed my papers on the next mission and headed towards the briefing room. The route was another labyrinth of tunnels and corridors. When I walked into the briefing room I found that Jack left early, and was assigned as the pilot on my mission. Once again, Jim was coming to babysit me ( I'm pretty sure this had to happen until I proved myself ). Also, there was a corporal, and another seargant I had never met before.

Commander Wolf was there to brief us. He pretty much covered everything that was in the file, and of course the basics. By the time it was over he wished us good luck and dismissed us to the hanger. This time we were traveling to a remote village. This was going to be interesting.===

the_master's Fan Fiction

I was in a helicopter heading down for landing in Verdammtenstadt. I am part of sas and was assigned a special mission I'm about to go on. In Verdammtenstadt the people had disappeared and no one knew where they went. Radar showed life, but there was no one there when planes and such had flown over. Most of the city was destroyed for reasons no one knew why. I was going in with three other people from sas to go investigate a resent tank that had been sent there and was no longer radioing to headquarters, also to check where on earth the people were.

The helicopter landed in the middle of the city. The four of us got out and then the helicopter left. Just in case we were armed with a few guns. I had brought a RPD, and if I had to run and gun a Desert Eagle, my favorite weapon. A famous statue of a scientist had fallen over crushing many buildings. Past the statue was a area of open fields. There were holes everywhere. Maybe the people went underground? We had found the tank driven into a building to the left side of the city we searched inside it and found no one. While exploring I had found a grenade, and a nice wad of cash.

We went to go investigate one of the holes in the center of the city. One of the men who was new to sas went up to the hole to examine it. "What do you think this lea- AAAGGG!" He was pulled into the hole! I whipped up my RPD, and was ready to fire. The two other men did the same and moved slowly toward the hole. Closer, closer...

Then piles of the undead came streaming out of the holes. Zombies. We all open fired and started moving backwards. Within a few seconds the place we just were was covered in zombies. The guy next to my pulled out an RPG, and just as he was about to fire, something grabbed him and I heard a yell. It looked like a giant shadow. I pulled out my Desert Eagle and ran toward the open field. The man to my right of saw this too and did the same. Our pistols seemed to have no effect on the shadow thing charging after them. I dropped my pistol and grabbed the grenade I found earlier. "This should do the trick," I thought as I pulled the pin and hurled it in the path of the shadow. "Bang!" the grenade blew up right in the things face. It shrieked and fell to the ground.

We both grabbed our machine guns. The man next to me pulled out a M240 MAG, the best mobile machine gun as of now. We looked up and found only two zombies left. One was a green camouflage color with a purple cape of some kind dragging in the ground behind it. The other one had a rolling pin in its hand. We both aimed at the green one as it was moving slightly faster than the other one. We started ripping the green one apart. Soon it let out a similar yelp to the shadow that had been killed by my grenade. We looked and couldn't find the one with the rolling pin. We both assumed it had also been killed by the shots that went through the other one. The man next to me walked up to the thing we had just killed. "What do you think this i-"

"Behind you!" The thing we had just killed reformed behind the man, smaller than before and in two parts, went up and whacked him. I started slaying them with my RPD. As they fell to the ground I pulled out my radio to call for the helicopter, and turned around to be facing the zombie with the rolling pin "Thwack!"

The next day an even larger team went in to investigate. All they found was four dead members of sas, and a Desert Eagle. in the middle of a field.

Alan's Fan Fictions

Project #545

“Is the subject incapacitated, nurse?”
“Yes ma'am, the specimen is ready for Subject Test #545 of the Meta-gene Project,” Nova put the specimen into the casket and prepped the needle.
“Excellent, I have high hopes for this test, our study group may be one of humanization's last hopes to cure cancer.”
“I'm curious Janne, why is this test so special when all of the other tests have failed?”
“All of our last tests have been based off of genetically changing the mother's DNA. This one is special, it is based off of changing the DNA of the female embryo, or fetus before the child grows. This way, the child will have prevented the source of cancer before it has even started. Furthermore, we are nearly out of funds, this may just be our last set of trials.”

“I sure hope this was worth it...”
“Nova, inject specimen #545 with the Meta-gene.”
Nova popped the cap off of the syringe, and squirted a jet of blue fluid into the air. “Almost looks peaceful, doesn't it?”
Nova slid the thin needle into the soft flesh of the testing rat, she injected the sky blue Meta-gene into the specimen, and awkwardly threw the syringe into the waste bucket.
“What now, chief?”
“Nurse, what the hell just happened?”
“I'm not sure, but it looks as though the mother just gave birth!”
“Impossible, the mother is only 14 days pregnant, neutralize the subject Nova.”
Nova closed the container and switched on the gas vents. Within minutes, both the rat, and the living rat fetus had been eradicated.
Nova scribed some notes, “Subject Test #545-failure.”
Janne pounded the double layered, glass screen from the outside. “Dammit Janne, why can't you do anything successfully?”
“Wait!” Janne lifted her head to see Nova's reaction. “What is it, nurse?”
“Specimen #545 is showing recovering breathing rates!”
“And the baby?”
“-still dead.”
Janne scratched her head and peered closely through the musty glass as she called for the Bio Hazard team to finish up with the aborted test subject. Suddenly her eyes widened, “-I know what's wrong.”


“Dr. Jahkyl, what is that in your hand?” Cheri passed the chief her breakfast platter.
“Please Cherri, we've been on this island for 8 months already, call me by my first name, Janne.”
“I would never, you are the chief of JHK Industries, it is only proper to address you by your last name, and what is that in your right hand?”
“This, Cherri, is the cure to cancer. I have perfected yesterday's test.” Janne handed the vial of red liquid to Cherri.
“I would like you, Cherri, to be the first human test subject for the Meta-gene.”
Cherri stood in a moment of shock- “I couldn't, you saw what happened yesterday with your own two eyes! I could be risking my children's lives!”
“But this could change the world! Our funding is much too low at our current rate to provide another set of tests, much less a human test subject! Other than myself, you are the only other woman here who is impregnated.” Janne set down her glasses into her lap and looked deeply into Cherri's eyes, “Please- You're my last hope.”
… “You know I can't do that... I'm sorry... I'll be off the island by tomorrow.”
Cherri gradually set the vial of red liquid into the rack beside Janne, and then she hustled out of the front door.

Janne sighed, she picked up the vial of red fluid, and she then paced slowly, very slowly, to the courtyard where underground tunnels led to the testing labs of Black Isle.

“Nova. Set up a diagnosis room for me- No questions asked.”
Nova eyed her chief carefully, “Yes ma'am, your room will be ready within the next five minutes.”

Janne picked up a lab coat and put it on, she drew out the “cure” from within her left pocket and placed it into her lab coat's inner pocket.
“Your room is ready chief, do you require an escort?” Nova then eyed the suspicious lab coat Janne wore.
“Yes Nova, I would like you to help me with my experiment, please follow me.”
“Nurse, fill a syringe with this.” Janne pulled out the red vial- the vial seemingly darker than it had been just ten minutes ago.
“What is it?”
“No questions asked.”
“Yes ma'am.”
“Now please inject the needle into my unborn child.”
With a look of daze of her face, Nova took 3 strides backwards. “You can't honestly be trying to be a human subject for yesterday's failure of a test?!”
“Nova, you have been my friend for years, if you truly cared about me, you will give me the treatment.”
Nova, still looking shocked, said nothing.
“hrrmmphh- Either way nurse, I've had too much invested into this project, if you do not do this task for me, I will be sure to have you fired from the JHK Industries by tomorrow.” Janne sat down onto the reclined chair and pulled up her blouse.
With a distressed look on her face, Nova finally agreed. “I'll do it, for you.”===

Operation Purgatory

“Over the horizon, Commander.” AF62 signaled AF63.
“Roger that, MarkK, we are incoming the silhouette of Black Isle, all units prep squad, we are dropping at exactly 1800.”
Marcus layed his confederate issued Galaxy Kindred helmet onto the weapon rack.
“What in god's name...”
The silhouette of Black Isle glowed red, as if the entire island had been engulfed in a raging war zone.
The daunting pair of Special Ops Banshees flew around the perimeter like vultures stalking their prey.
“I remind you sergeants, this is not a rescue mission, we are to find out what happened to the research team at Black Isle after Experimental Test #545 and eliminate all evidence of the bio labs, which include all surviving researchers.”
Beyond the vague descriptions of a project to cure cancer, Marcus had no idea what the purpose of the Meta-gene Project was for; no idea of the last transmission broadcasted from Black Isle, no idea of the unethical experiments the researchers were performing, no idea of the secret projects worked on by Ms. Janne the head researcher, and most importantly, no idea of why his team was given standardized space marine issued JHK weaponry.
“MarkK, AF62 is approaching drop zone, please rally all units to the east coast, it is time to release the dropships.”
“I'm sorry, this is MarkK, the downpour messed with the transmission, please repeat, over.”
The monotone speaker remained without response for a minute or so before replying in a cracked voice.
“This hurricane's really com-” Before the commander could finish his sentence, a flash of golden light sailed across the sky- straight into the tail rotor of the AF62's dropship, jutting fiery explosions of red and orange throughout the stormy sky.
“God damn! What just happened?”
Marcus stood up from the floor of AF63 exasperated, rubbing his forehead and looking left and right as the AF63 dropship swerved to the left, narrowly avoiding collision from falling, fiery debris.
“Attention all personal this is MarkK, we are taking a compulsory landing at the drop point, all personnel are advised to stay in their seats.”
“Pilot, what happened to our drop pods?” No response.
The rotating blades on either sides of the banshee slowed to a steady rhythm.
The seven remaining soldiers of Operation Purgatory jumped out of the helicopter's cabin onto the wet, marshy grass of the island.
Marcus was the first to respond, “Soldiers, we're here until this storm passes over, we should finish up with our mission objective, with, or without the commander.”
“I designate Carlton to be our scout, Carlton, circle the perimeter, I need you to find a way into the castle. In the meantime, the squad will be readying the explosives to remove any remaining evidence of the bio labs.”
"Yes sir!”
Sgt. Carlton grasped the unusually light Space Marine Rifle, and sparse equipment from the Banshee's supply before heading northwards to the tip of the island.
“As for the rest of you, recuperate yourselves, we still have a job to do”
Marcus's squad prepped everything they needed for the completion of the mission, gasoline, matches, c4, and the specialized Grendels assigned to the squad. The squad wasn't meant to last for long without additional supplies- their mission, infiltrate and destroy.
“Pilot, where is Carlton? It's been nearly half an hour, he hasn't returned.” Marcus paced sternly back and forth in front of the cockpit. Both the pilot and copilot shook their heads frantically, “We have no idea, he stopped broadcasting movement ten minutes ago- but I thought that was just the storm interfering with the uav.”

Marcus took a deep breath, “We have no choice. Move out without Carlton, track his signal and find out if anything's wrong.”
The 4 soldiers- not including the pilot and copilot headed towards the north end of the island.
Within the next five minutes, the squad arrived at the source of Carlton's signal, a electronic dog tag transmitter drenched in crimson blood. “What do you suppose happened here, sergeant?”
Michael placed the dog tag delicately in his hand, “Whatever happened, I don't think I want to find out.” he said grimly.
“Too late!” Ginny pointed towards a track of bloodied footsteps advancing towards the castle with a disgruntled expression. “Ugh! The place reeks!”
Marcus looked towards the footsteps. Higher up, he could see the flying buttresses of the daunting castle. He motioned for his team to follow the tracks into the castle cellars.
Lying on the floor in a red heap, Carlton's body sagged sadly. Marcus spat with indignity, "Oh god." “CARLTON!” Ginny rushed to the site of the bloodied mess. “The end is Nigh” was scrawled onto the damp floor with his blood. “no, no, no, Carlton, wake up. Please! CARLTON!. Who did this to you, wake up, please, tell me, who did this to you?” The flesh on Carlton's neck gave way, his neck imploded into a mess of maggots littering the cellar floors.
Marcus focused into the distance where a suspicious shadowy figure seemed to be watching his squad. Marcus turned on his flashlight and aimed his rifle at the figure. “You there! Show yourself!” The figure wore a white lab coat, and in her right hand, she carried a massive butcher knife. “Girl if you don't start talking, I'm going to light you up.” At an inhuman speed, the figure rushed towards Marcus, screeching at a heart rendering pitch. Her face was incinerated immediately by the power of the Space Marine Rifles, but no sooner had she fallen when a dozen more people in lab coats flanked behind her.
“WE ARE BEING ENGAGED!” Marcus hollered back to his squad. “OPEN FIRE!” A barrage of bullets splattered the incoming researchers. “Michael, get contact with the HQ, we need support immediately!” Marcus grabbed a container of gasoline and splashed in on the floor, he then lit a single match and dropped it into the gasoline, created a barrier of flames between his team and the attackers- but to no avail, as the researchers ran straight through the flames. “What the hell? Who are these people?! They're crazy!
A hand reached from under Ginny, she shrieked, “Carlton?! You're still alive?” Another one of Carlton's hands reached around Ginny's ankle and gouged out a chunk of flesh. “AHH! Help!” The rest of Carlton's body imploded in a bloody mess as Michael put a .50 mm squarely into Carlton's chest. “Sorry buddy, you forced me to do it! Marcus, I have limited communication with the HQ.”

Marcus and his squad bodyguard held off the oncoming waves of their attackers. Marcus reloaded the carbonate ammunition back into his rifle, “God! These researchers reek of death!” Suddenly, his bodyguard was tossed to the side, a deep red gouge through his chest. “Officer, what happened!”
*cough* *wheeze* In another instant, a blur gouged its teeth into the bodyguard's neck. “Michael, call HQ, we need an immediate comm sat sweep over coordinates (41, 10” N, 90, 0” W).
“Yes sir!” as the call finished, the sky above Black Isle glowed yellow as the shadows of the castle were being revealed. Marcus aimed the Grendel at the shadow's head. “Take this you son of a *****.” Marcus pulled his trigger on the creature. The creature gave one last look of innocence at Marcus, it was almost childlike; the only remains of the shadow creature was the seemingly thick black tar covering the ground.
As the tar oozed through the ground, the earth rumbled. “Marcus! What now?!” Ginny reloaded her last carbonate rod into her assault rifle. No sooner had the words come out of her mouth when a massive hand burst out of the tile ground. “What the hell is that thing, Marcus?” Michael panted heavily as he began to feel the effects of the continuous battle.

“This is HQ, radioing in, you and your team have five minutes to reach your banshee dropship before Black Isle will be hit by our containment nuke.” Marcus signaled Ginny and Michael to run, the seemingly dead bodies swarmed and swelled in numbers around the massive creature that had burst out of the bio labs from the ground. “Is that thing even human?!” “Don't know- keep running,,” Marcus sprinted even faster. “Where to man?” “AF63- five minutes.” “They're catching up!” Marcus gripped a single nade from his belt and dropped it- unclipped. “Find cover!” A massive explosion ripped apart through the corridors of the castle. Brilliant colors of fire lashed throughout the windows of the castle.
Everything except the creature seemed to have been repulsed- in which the creature seem unfazed, still hunting the squad at full speed. The squad was nearing the end of the corridor- left, right, duck, right, dash. The trio hurdled through the stained glass window. “Ginny! Michael! The banshee is straight ahead, keep running!” The pilot and copilot were awaiting them- the engine of the banshee already prepped.
“Marcus! Where is your bodyguard? Where is Carlton?” The remains of AF63 jumped into the helicopter cabin. Marcus slammed the door shut. “FLY. NOW.” The banshee hovered in the air, and began to fly away from the island. In the horizon, a fleet of jets were heading in their direction. Behind them, Marcus saw the nukes shatter the sky- the entire island was decimated immediately. Michael passed out on the cabin floor, Marcus covered Ginny's ankle wounds. “Don't worry Ginny. Those wounds will heal.” Ginny heaved heavily, clutching her chest. “Thanks Marcus, it's finally... over.”

MOCHIZZ (iwant2killu)'s Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

The day is March 22, 2020. I am sitting in a seat at a SAS compound in a classified region. Rumors are going around that the few elite will be going on a top secret mission to a remote island. Suddenly, the main commander (Klas) called MOCHIZZ (me), Masculine, Neo, and Quantum to his office. He told us that we 4 were selected to carry out a top secret mission on a small island called Back Isle. We were scared half to death, as the last crew of four that went to Black Isle was never heard from or seen again after getting off their helicopter.

The next day, we equipped our weapons and lied to the others that we had to take care of "business." I had equipped my M2 Browning, knowing that we were in for a long day. We departed at 900 hours local time on a Blackhawk Helicopter. As soon as the helicopter slowed, we equipped our weapons and got ready to exit the helicopter. We had all naturally built immunity to the virus from long term exposure. I was the underdog of the group, so I stayed with the others. Our mission was simple: kill every last one of 'em. A small nuke would be dropped on the island after we left, which would finally rid the world of the virus. As soon as we heard movement, we moved to the four-point battle position (I will explain the four-point battle position later) and made final checks on our weapons. The first zombie, a sprinter, appeared, and I threw a grenade I picked up of the ground at it and blew it to pieces. Within seconds of the explosion, zombies began pouring from everywhere imaginable. We opened fire. Quatum was the first to be mortally wounded. I rushed to his aid, but realized quickly there was nothing that could be done. I snatched his machine gun out of his hands and moved down a couple hundred zombies before running out of ammo. He would have been proud. I whipped out my browning again and covered the two remaining people?s backs. Then I heard that howl. A devastator! We grouped tightly and began firing at it until it finally dropped dead. Our relief was short lived before we got back to killing. Masculine was reloading his gun when a group of sprinters jumped him, killing him in a matter of seconds. It was me and Neo versus the hoard. We fought back to back for hours until the zombies seemed to slow. Then a dev came out of nowhere suddenly. By the time I turned around, Neo was was severely injure and playing dead so the dev would stop punching him, leaving me left. I used my browning and mowed it down. No more zombies came. I called a helicopter to come get me and Neo afterwards. It was over.

It was a long ride back to base. About two day later after Neo recovered, we both walked into Klas's office, sat in front of him, and told him everything that happened. He looked straight at me and Neo and said, "Your comrades would be proud. Enjoy your promotions."

We held a small memorial for Masculine and Quantum a week later. Zombies were never a problem again after the vaccine finished development. But one day in a vaccine development facility for the cure of HIV, something changed all that...

Chapter 2

It has been one year since the first battle (chapter one) took place. Things are back in chaos. The virus has evolved to be more powerful. No vaccine has been developed to cure the Red II virus. Although the virus was quarantined and flushed out of the United States, it made its way back into Scotland.

Right before all brain activity was lost, Masculine and Quantum were put in a top secret underground freezer to resurrect them when the technology came along. Only Klas and I knew about this. Only weeks earlier, the SAS's top scientists had developed a brain "defibrillator" that would jump start the heart and brain for someone in deep freeze. After Klas gave the order, Masculine and Quantum were thawed and resurrected back from near death. They both seemed to be unaffected by what they had been through except for showing early signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After physiological therapy, they were restored back to the state they had been in before the first battle began. They were informed about a small town where the Brain Zombie was. If we destroyed it, everything would be over. We could not bomb it due to the Brain Zombie's underground location. The only way to kill the zombie would be to go on foot. We only had one chance. We brought everyone from the first battle together. Klas briefed us about the location twenty-four hours before we were due to parachute in. We cleaned our best weapons. We needed them because Intel had showed something that had never been seen before. It was bigger than the biggest devs...

We left at 0900 hours on a small plane with a door we could jump out of. The plane began having technical problems, so we where forced to jump out 1 mile off the planned jump zone. We got out our best weapons, as we didn't know what to expect here. After walking and encountering little resistance, we entered the outskirts of the city. Masculine took the first shot with his RPG and blew up a butcher. We readied our weapons, Masculine with his RPG, Neo with his Grendel, Quantum also with his Grendel, and me with my M2 Browning. It was show time.

We went through some resistance on the way towards the downtown area. While we were on the way, we ran into a civilian who had taken a CAW from a dead soldier. He gave it to Masculine and said, "Put it to good use." We thanked him and moved on. At about 1200 hours, we entered the downtown area. The zombies wouldn't stop coming. After 25 minutes of continuous attacks, it stopped. Then we heard a lour ROAR and the ground shook. What we saw next was not a dev. It was much bigger. We all focused our weapons and opened fire. When the dust settled, Neo was unfortunately in pieces everywhere. We were lucky. We could have all been killed if Masculine hadn't pulled out the CAW at just the right time. We ran into endless rows of butchers. Once every last one was killed, we noticed a 20x20 foot tunnel heading down into the ground. Masculine dropped a glow stick into it. We estimated it to be 300 feet straight down. We had all brought ropes. We tied them together and it totaled out to be 320 feet long. We also each had roped clips. We spent 20 minutes getting down and regrouping in the cave. About 200 yards ahead of us we saw an ominous blue glow. We readied our weapons and proceeded with caution. I took out my Geiger Counter suspecting the blue light was being emitted from a radioactive source. My worst fears were confirmed; it was. We ran as fast as we could. I estimated from the amount of radiation we took and how long were there that we took 5 Grays; a fatal amount. We had only hours to live. It was over, but we didn't give up. We advanced in the opposite direction. Pretty soon, we all began to feel the effects of acute radiation sickness. We kept pressing on, not giving up, even though our time to live was running out. Then we saw it; the Brain Zombie. We just start shooting at it, but it wouldn't die. Then Masculine collapsed, dead from fatal radiation exposure. Quantum and I collapsed next. Quantum died before he hit the ground. I hit the ground, and just before I slipped away, I took the CAW out of Masculine's hand and fired one last shot...

Two days later, a massive group of 100 soldiers searching for us found us three on the ground, and the Brain Zombie dead from the CAW shots. They looked at the way Masculine's hands were positioned, and could tell he was holding the CAW. They looked and my hand and could tell I had picked up the CAW. They theorized that I took that last, fatal shot that killed the beast, but Masculine had done most of the damage. Our bodies where carried out of there. They used newly discovered technology to extract the memories out of our brains. Klas was shocked when he heard their findings about what they found in our memories.

A few days later, everyone from the SAS attended a massive funeral. It was said that without Neo's, Quantum's, Masculine's and my actions, the world would have been overran with zombies. Something strange happened though. When our bodies went to be buried, no one could find them. They had disappeared from thin air...

Chapter 3

It is 10 years after our bodies mysteriously disappeared. Our bodies were snatched through time using advanced time travel equipment. The zombies are back again, but much stronger. It is zero hour. They have overrun the main SAS training compound and killed thousands. Klas and other high ranking officers retreated to an island in the Pacific. Our bodies are hidden in a deep underwater base, safe from the zombies. The SAS recently developed technology that can repair cells damaged by extreme radiation exposure. Human cloning technology was also developed, which brought Neo back from his white blood cell DNA that was recovered. His new body was put in deep freeze to preserve him until the time was right. Klas gave the order to bring us back from the dead. Within two hours, we were moving around, alive. A new person, Dragoniod, would be going on the mission. We did what we usually do; clean our weapons and gather up supplies. However, this mission would be no usual mission. I had a premonition, and I did not like what I had seen in it...</span>

The next morning, we made the final check on our stuff and prepared to move out. The first thing I had seen in my premonition came true: Neo had gotten extremely sick and could not go on the mission. It was Quantum, Masculine, Dragoniod and I left to go on the mission. We had a new Brain Zombie to take care of. It was the king of them all. It was the biggest. If we did not destroy it, the world would end. There was only one way to destroy it: nuke. We knew this would be a suicide mission, but it would save humanity. We had two choices, die saving humanity or die by getting chomped into little pieces by zombies. There was no escape. We all would die. We took one last look at the base before the chopper took off and flew over the clouds. We knew that would be the last time we saw the base. We dropped over the target location: a massive hole in the ground. We went through the hole and deployed our parachutes. We saw the green glow of spilled bio-hazardous chemicals. We safely landed away from them. We looked at the 3D map of the underground cave system and decided which direction to start walking in. We all readied our weapons. I had brought all six of my advanced weapons in my pack along with classified papers. I also held one other thing: the nuke. It was small yet powerful enough to get the job done. We dreaded taking each step, but we knew it would be the only way to say humanity, so we continued. We did not meet any zombie resistance until we were within one mile of the target. Even then, the resistance was much lighter than we had expected.</span>

Pretty soon, we had spotted the target. It was bigger than we had though it would be! We snuck up behind it, and I armed the nuke. I punched in the timer execution code on the digital keypad it had built in on it. The clock began counting down from 30 seconds. I took my helmet off, set it along with my M2 browning by my side, kneeled down and said, "It has been an honor serving with you guys." The others followed with me. I closed my eyes and waited for it to happen. The beeping got louder as the final ten seconds began. I peeked at the timer, and it had three seconds left. Then it happened. My life began flashing by me. Everything that I had done came together in one place. But something then happened. Everything went black. Was I dead or dreaming? Or was my premonition correct...

Chapter 4

I thought we all died. Was I in the room of the dead? I couldn't be because there was no one else in the room. Then I looked down towards the end of the room and saw this guy standing there in a shiny white suit. There was a glass door right behind him with light shining through it. Suddenly, the man said, "Come here. The door will open shortly. You will need to go through it." The door opened and he let me through. He said, "Follow me." We walked about 50 yards until he led me into this building. I looked at the date on the digital board on it and it showed December 3, 2015. I could not believe it! This had been day zero when the Red Virus outbreak occurred. Then I really began wondering; was I dreaming or dead" I asked him that and he said, "You where pulled out of time along with your friends microseconds before the nuke exploded. You are here today to change history by stopping this before it all started." I was shocked by that. My friends were alive, but I had to go on another mission!?!?! He said, "Klas knew what would happen from day zero. I told him not to tell you because it would be harmful showing you your future before it began." He told us that the main objective is to destroy the current brain zombie and they would nuke its remains to stop the zombies forever. I acknowledged what he said, and pulled out top secret papers exposing future weapon projects. Now I understood why Klas sent me with top secret papers! He wanted new weapons to be created years earlier than they should have! Pretty soon, we were all given CAWs built from the blueprints I had supplied. We had six hours before we were scheduled to move out. I charged my CAW up. Another person, undefined314, would be going on this mission. We prepared to move out. Before we left, the Intel officer walked up to us and said, "We saw something, and it's bigger than the Empire State Building." I began wondering if I really was dreaming...</span>

I had literally fallen asleep on the plane and had woken up about a minute before we dropped off. I got ready just in time and jumped out. It was time for the Final Battle, the one that would be retold to future SAS soldiers and commanders for centuries. I prepped my newly acquired CAW for battle. It was show time. We, Quantum, Masculine, Dragonoid, Undefined314 and I got ready to encounter resistance. We looked ahead. I saw a single sprinter. I pulled out my sidearm, the Deagle, and two shots did the job. I knew that was only the beginning...

After walking for 15 minutes without seeing a single thing, the zombies poured out from behind everything. We opened fire. I, not having ever used the CAW before unless it was in a care package, thought it was a great weapon for killing 20 zombies per shot. After 20 minutes of brutal fighting, the zombies stopped coming. We advanced ahead, knowing we weren't far from the target. And suddenly, there it was, the brain zombie! We looked up and saw something much bigger than what we though what the thing was that was bigger than a dev. We had to go through that thing to kill the brain zombie. We set our CAWs to full auto and laid down on the trigger. After almost using up all of our ammo, it finally fell down to the ground and brought down several buildings with it. Lying ahead was our objective: the Brain Zombie. We opened fire on it and used the last of our ammo up. We called for a helicopter to take us out. Within an hour, we were back at base celebrating. This was only short lived...</span>

I woke up with cold sweat running down my entire body. It was just a dream. I ran out to the dining hall of the SAS Compound and told everyone about my dream. They passed out the newspapers like they usually do. I looked at the front cover. I gasped and dropped the paper. The title of the paper was: Red Virus Outbreak Confirmed.</span>

Reinforcements, by TaBz3

Episode 1

The Airbase, the dropzone is 10 klicks from HQ or 6.2 miles for you civvies. I've arrived into the airfield from the UH-60 BlackHawk via. FRIES (Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System); I signalled the pilot to release the insertion ropes, he left afterwards... {C}As I glanced into that purple mist, I sighed as I realised that they sent me on my last suicide mission. {C}I don't even know why the doctor told me to inject that green stuff, so I scratched my noggin' and threw it away.

I was equipped with a MGL-140, G20 and SCAR Heavy (variant) - I continued to strafe around the main route to go to main Accessment Objective which was initiate "Operation: Purge" (at that time, I did not know what that was) Anyway I saw a dead rotting corpse, I hid behind a car as I noticed a reddish kinda zombie with his backbone popping out, literally.

'felt sorry for that poor bastard when his insides were out, he didn't stand a chance. {C}Since I saw no other zombies near by I set my fire-rate on my Glock to three-burst and got a clean headshot. {C}I continued advancing... then I noticed a black figure running, I thought to myself "It must be my imagination" when he walked though the wall. That shadow figure was kinda on my mind when I saw 'its' red eyes. I reminded myself "I killed commies in Vietcog, why the hell should I be scared now?" when I got a chill on my spine.

I've noticed a merchandising shop, and I saw LOTS of aerosols and lighters... I took two cans and a lighter and thought to myself that this may come in handy next time.

Right after that stumbling occurance, I heard an "eep" from behind me, I rotated as quick as posible while looking down my iron sights, then a guy said "Hey, you, come in quick." He introduced himself as "Drebin" and I replied and introduced myself as "Gunny Seageant: Batey" I was cautious when I met him, still mysterious to me to this day, anyway, he told me that "Huh, FN SCAR-H, you wouldn't kill any zed for your life" then he snatched my rifle off me then I SWORE that he just 'troll faced' me or whatever kids call it, but then he provided me with a rifle called "B-E-O Wolfer 0.50" or something like that.

I demanded what he wants to do with my company and he replied with "Hey! Chill... beer?" which I silently refused with disagreement" and he called up a monkey called "Narc" and then wierdly the animal started drinking... I guess humans and monkeys are alike.

Drebin soon told me "If you ever need to contact me, search up the frequency 'DREBIN893', which he then added 'EYE HAVE YOU.'" He soon took out an M67 Grenade out then put a hankerchief on top of the grenade, it had vanished, I blinked for a second then he too, had disappeared. Which I had the feeling of fleeing from this mysterious location.

I decided not to contact HQ because I feel that he was actually watching me, so I decided to depart to pursue my Assessment Objective...

Episode 2

Here I was, with my 0.50 'Wolfer', strolling around parking lots, parks, roads... My muscle was twitching and my hands were shivering, so I decided to take Pentazemin out of my pouch, but not to mention to you civilians, that day was cold as F*** and since I didn't feel trustworthy of my surroundings, it had a huge effe- Civilian : "What about-" Narrator : "Wait and just listen to the story and direct your questions after." (Silently Angry) Civilian : "Sorry." Where was I? Oh yeah, The silence of the surroundings had a huge effect on my mind, I thought I was seeing glimmer in the far distances. I was closing in on my AO as I had just under 3 klicks, but during my travel I had sleep deprivation before I executed the mission, so I decided to deploy my ICS 2000 TCOP Tent USMC (or 'Combat Tent' to you commoners) I've had my MRE then I deployed some Motion Sensors... with sleep intervals of 15 to 5 minutes

DAY II {C}It was 0600, Wednesday the 11th of December 2002, for all I know that is I'm alive and I have my hands, arm, leg, head, foot and my equipment and my motions sensors didn't go off. So I packed the 'tent' into my rucksack. My Estimated Time Arrival was approx. 10 minutes. I didn't want to delay so I stealthily jogged there, hidding behind trucks, walls, anything I could find really. {C}I was one and a half klick away from the objective which I contact HQ. {C}Me : "HQ, come in. I repeat, HQ, come in." {C}Head Quarters : "This is HQ." {C}Me: "I'm at location site Alpha, I don't see any-" {C}Me : "F***, SOME 'BUTCHER' IS TRYING TO KILL ME!" *Faded gun shots in background* {C}Head Quarters : "Repeat your last, over." {C}Me : "Overlord, assistance required at location 29"16' North, 94"49' West!" {C}Head Quarters : "Acknowledged, sending reinforcements. Air Support ETA. 40 minutes, Sierra Foxtrot 7-10 will be sent as soon as possible."

I punctured one aerosol then threw it in the air, with one shot of the G20, it blew up in his face, it was literally everywhere, then some kinda worms emerged from this 'person's' gut then strangely it came alive and tried to kill me. I was running backwards pointing my MGL-140 trying to get far enough so I wouldn't get caught inside the explosion and blow my legs off, luckily I found some raised platform which I jumped onto and then I exploded that sonafabish. How I hate close encounters, I curse that day. {C}As I started losing sunlight by that annoying mist as I kept on facing zed, after zed.

It was 21 minutes into the battle with one versus god knows how many, Sierra Foxtrot 7-10 was inserted into the battle... Colonel. "undefined314", Corporal. "SPARE BRAINS", and Private. "NinjaAfro" {C}Colonel : "How's the battle soldier? I'm going to commandeer this squad as I see fit." *Pulls out .400 Nitro Express and shoots the zombie behind me* {C}Batey : "Affirmative sire, it's nice to have you." {C}Corporal : "We got company..." {C}Private : "Hell yeah, this is nothing. DIE!" *Gets consecutive headshots* {C}Batey : "How th-" *Interruption* {C}Colonel : "Ok, we have to take that tree-line over that location over there and create a barricade, so it will acts like a bunker. When fog clears we will go to our main objective, for the moment this is our primary objective!" *holsters pistol, and points at location*

  • The whole squad except Colonel nods with agreement*

Colonel : "The corporal will act as medical, private will be covering behind, you will be covering the front and will be gunning when we get there and I'll be putting down obstacles." {C}(Colonel hands over M1919 Browning) {C}Batey : "Oh gee, thanks... here's my 'Wolfer' in exchange, Air support will come in within 15 minutes from what I heard from HQ." {C}Colonel : "No problem." *winks, takes a momentory pause* "PRIVATE, COVER ME!" {C}Private : "Affirmative, suppressive fire under your approach."

Under this moment, I took a deep breath and noticed that my wounds were getting infected and it felt like everything went slow-motion, and I couldn't remember anything after that for about 10-15 minutes but this is what their told me from their point of view. {C}(NOW IT'S undefined314 SIDE OF THE STORY)

Colonel : "Requesting air-support." {C}Head Quarters : "You have clearance for one AH-64 Apache, but it will come out of your pay-check." {C}Colonel : "I don't frickin' care, just send it in!." {C}Head Quarters : "Affirmative, merry christmas." {C}Colonel : "I owe you one."

  • Faded noices of gunshots, bullets casing drops on the floor, impact echos- muzzle flashes on floor...

Colonel : *Drags Batey* "Private! Batey needs medical attention!" {C}Private : "Don't worry, I'm on it." *Gathers out FirstAid, Defibrillators and flask of water & cloth* {C}Corporal : "I've got your backs! Just bring him back to his feet." *breaths in* "Good night." *talks to zombie(s) self-conciously before he re-positions himself.*

Episode 3

I was just starting to get up, I felt my body going stiff and was spreading thoughout, my tendons felt like it burst when I tried to get up... which regretfully reminded me getting shot while hunting down commies with my previous squad when we was flying in the UH-1 HUEY. Corporal : "Oh; speak of the devil, you're up. Two secs, I need to patch you up, by the way why didn't you take your vaccination? Luckily for you I've still got one spare in my pack."

  • Injects serum into bloodstream*

Batey : "Erm... I didn't trust it and I didn't think I'd need it, but I will not die before I have achieve my mission. It'll spread rumors." Corporal : "Heh, you're funny." Batey : "Wait, are you serious? I swear that I'll k-"

  • Both observes to speech in distance*


  • 9 minutes earlier*

Colonel : *Radio to HQ* "I don't frickin' care, just send it in!" Head Quarters : *Radio to unknown* "Affirmative, merry christmas." Colonel : *Radio to HQ* "I owe you one."

  • Voices fade out*

Pilot : *Radio to squad* "Helo within your position, waiting on your command." Colonel : *Radio to Pilot* "Take out any bastards that are pretty much in front of us, avoid the bunker." Pilot : *Radio to Colonel* "Roger that; activate your IR strobe." Corporal : "INFRA-RED IS ON!" Batey : *Insubstantial tries to speak-up and coughs badly* "On..." Private : "IR strobe is ready, sir!" Colonel : *Radio to Pilot* "Activated, the battlefield's yours." At this moment; I pretty much gasped as I saw that helo (pronounced he-low, it means helicopter for short) I think it raised our morales and we somehow started working more quickly & efficiently, even as a team and individually. Batey : *Coughs badly from chest, spits out saliva & phlegm* Corporal : "You need your rest." Batey : "Okay, but I'm going to have a meal, ready-to-eat..." I rested with one eye open, closing it every two minutes with the duration of 10 minutes and as I heard excessive amounts of guns shots and explosions creating 'canvas' on the walls from zombie guts, I've managed to sleep and over an hour passed by just as I heard a huge clang and... Pilot : *Radio to unknown* "MAYDAY, MAYDAY; REAR ROTOR IS JAMMED, I'M GOING DOWN. BLADE PITCH IS DECREASING!" Batey : "What the hell? Apache down! undefined314, contact HQ ASAP!" Corporal : *Doesn't reply* "HQ, Apache is down, can you give us any additional support?" Head Quarters : "Sorry, our air support can't relay to your position. The bearings are distracted by the purple mist within your area. You will have to find your own way." Batey : *Flash backs to encounter with Drebin*

  • 1 hour and 48 minutes ago*

Drebin : " me, search up the frequency 'DREBIN893'... 'EYE HAVE YOU.'..."

  • Back to present, in reality.*

Batey : *Contacts 3732446893* "Drebin! I'm cornered; get here now, and give me a care package or something." Drebin : "Hey! I can't supply carepackages, so I don't know where you got that from. Anyway, I can come in a tank but it'll cost 500 D.P." Batey : "D.P?" Drebin : "Oh; in equality, one Drebin Point cost one dollar." Batey : "Ahh, just give it to me on my tab and send it in already!" Drebin : "Oh, yeah! M1126 Stryker ICV homing in your position, you won't regret this."

Episode 4

There I was... shouting out and acknowledging commands; we had to put up extra barricades because the old ones were breaking- well, after some time had past, I didn't think he will come but he was a traitor to my senses because, well, Drebin finally arrived en scene. Drebin : "Dammnn, you actually did need help. Look at all the dead peoples!" Batey : "HELP US, FOR GOD SAKE, WE ARE GETTING OVER-POWERED!!" Drebin : "No problem." *Smiles* Oh my gosh; it was literally a massacre, I took out the M1919 Browning and reloaded the magazine. The fog cleared and it was like if we knew, they soon retreated and started to go towards the downed Apache and the driver, which meant my squad also went but I decided to hang back. Drebin left because he completed his services, which is when I contacted HQ. Batey : "Err; HQ. We're going to go and rescue our man. Are you sure you can't provide support?" Head Quarters : "Negative, but all we can is long distance support via. Care Package Dropzone." Batey : "Roger that, send it in and drop on red smoke. ASAP- My squad is going to the downed helo." Few minutes later; HQ confirmed the request and one Chinook came and dropped two carepackages, one was ammunition and equiptment resupply and the other was a Area or Aerial Denial Weapon System (also known as. ADW)- I took both things for granted but it saved my life, but more on that later.

Batey : *Follows the flare that's gliding towards the sky* "FRIENDLIES!" (I showed my SAS emblem) Colonel : "Friendlies coming in... Batey; Protect this pilot." Batey : *Runs towards the pilot* "Well, what's your name; pilot?" Pilot : *Pulls out IMI Desert Deagle* "My callsign is MOCHIZZ." *Shoots zombies though driver side's pane* Corporal : "I've found my anti-septic and gauze. Protect us!" Private : "Roger that, 2 o'clock." Batey : *Shoots zombie coming towards us* "What the hell? It's that shadow sonofabich!" *Deploys ADW* Some time has past, the ADW kept on kills loads of zombies around us, but that shadow kept on dodging our turret. I soon remembered that I had a ammo and equipment resupply. So I took out a M67 grenade out and pulled the pin, 4 seconds after, it blew up which made the shadow do its most f***ing ear piercing sound ever then went into the ground never to be seen again. The smog started to disperse by a small amount, and I've finally managed to pronounce Beowulf 0.50, but my timing was bad enough. We saw another butcher but Mochizz took out his RPG-7 and blew it up to smithereens and the ADW simply grinded up the guts. We was left stranded on this hotel and the signal between HQ and us was breaking up. We are now "alone" but decided to advance with the pilot. He took out his sub-machine gun- he left his shotgun on his neck because he had a swing sweating lots and being very cautious. Mochizz : "I have a bad feeling about this, can't we just try to contact HQ?" Batey : *Totally ignores the pilot* "Hey, boss, save me some cheerleaders after this." Colonel : "You know me, of course I would; kid. Look, the airbase- our AO." Mochizz : "Are you even listening to me?" *scoffs* Batey : "Sire... it looks like the rumors was true." At the base, they always used to talk about the maniacal, frantic crazy scientist who was making one unique virus called SOUP at a secret location- I used to laugh but this is before I discovered the actual meaning behind this apocalypse, this revelation. We finally re-discovered the disbanded airbase, but mysteries are about to be uncovered... Batey : "A scientist with a white lab coat, with a picture of a dog in his pocket." Mochizz : "Oh... my, it's the legend of SOUP otherwise known as ------

This story is unfinished.

The Stories of the Final Days, by iwant2killu

I am "Virus," a former SAS member who survived the Dark Days. I am living my days out alone in an underground bunker. I am working with one other survivor to retrieve a lost file from an server. We couldn't retrive it normally because the thing was loaded with protection of every kind. After some talking, we opened it. DSM V1.00.1.2 Initiate startup program... Initializing file search. Standby... Type 20 self destructors detected... Neutralized. Ironbox detected... Bypassed. Scanning for viruses... Clear. Greenlight on file access. Opening... Chapter 1: Day Zero Location: Downtown London, Time: February 27, 2016, 1100 hours local time

I am MOCHIZZ, an elite member of Infantry Assault Squadron 1, part of the SAS. We are the first responders to any threats, domestic or international. We are the best of the best. No one can stop us. We have access to the best weapons in the world. We never loose against anyone, even the undead. I was on a two week break. I had one rule: never leave home without your gas mask. This rule saved my life. I was out looking for a place to buy some lunch. One minute I was looking for some money. The next, something happened that would change everything. BOOM! I heard a massive explosion to my right. I look up. I know immediately this is no regular bomb. I smell the nasty smell of bio-toxins. I get my mask on and pull out my government issued Desert Eagle. I made it back to my car and took off back to HQ. They wasted no time directing me to Bunker 240. This bunker had been built for us in case of a massive nuclear assault. It was equipped with backup power in-case of an EMP or anything else that would knock out electronics. It was made with tons of concrete to prevent radiation from getting through. It had a state-of-the-art air filter that would keep anything unhealthy out. I met up with my comrades in the bunker after I went through the "Entrance". Anyone going in was scanned for radiation, bugs, and anything inbetween. I went down 300 feet to the Meetup Room. This room was used for planning and communicating with ground forces. We found out there was a bio bomb that was detonated. However, it was no regular bomb. It was much worse...

The Science Project, by R_VB

It's March 20. Four More days until I'm a "1 Year Rookie". I'm no rookie. I know the camp inside and out. I've mastered everything there is to know. Guns, tactics, how to command squads, how to show young guys how it's done, pure instinct now. This place is mine, got all the top-notch weapons. You pay "Special Money" to people, and they'll get you the good stuff. Looking back on it, I wish I was back in the old days.. when things were.... normal. Let me explain:

July 10, 2011. I'm on the loading bus. I signed up for this group called the SAS. Times are dire, and zombies are running rampant throughout the European countries. I only have my good ol' G17, which I still favor over say a MP7. Oh we're at camp.. time to learn the ropes.

July 23,2011. "Wow! What is that?!?!" I exclaimed.

"That is a devastator, the most foul of any zombie." Said, a fellow squad mate. He had tons of badges..

"Well umm, how do we kill it?" I asked impatiently.

"Let me take care of it," He explained. " Just load this clip.. and.. NOW!" I watched in amazement as he fired at least 8 bullets per second right into its chest, I couldn't tell what was roaring louder, the devastator, the gun, or this guy! My eyes must've been opened pretty wide when he said, "Hee, apologies. I'm on your side, no need to be alarmed. Oh where are my manners!? My name is Vandomar. You can call me Van."

I stood up trying to look a little more heroic, and told him back, "My name is R_VB. Long story, but it has a nice tone to it."

"Ah R_VB" He said. "All you need is a little training, and some day we can tackle these things together!"

"Umm yeah," I told him. "I will definitely need training."

August 7, 2011. Van and I were good team mates, I learned some tricks, as well as got some new weapons I became familiar with. Everything was "A-Okay", then I met a very unruly soldier. Sitting in the cafeteria eating our MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat), I saw someone come next to Van and I.

"Excuse me, coming through, oops sorry, hey man your foot is too big to not step on.." He was saying as he came over. "Well!! You must be the new rookie I've heard so much about!" He told me.

"Erm, maybe. I got trained by Van here. I'm quite handy with this MP7." I said.

"Pfft, MP7, try the AUG. dat is duh BOMB." He said arrogantly.

"What's an AUG??" I asked him. Van started gagging on his Orange flavored juice. The strange guy started laughing his butt off and walked away.

"Well that was strange." I said nervously.

"Ahh, forgive him." Van told me. "That's NKM, he's always causing trouble. He's been a commander for quite a long time. He has a craze for killing zombies. Though it's hard to respect him when he acts like that."

"Yeah I can imagine. Maybe someday he'll be normal." I said hopefully.

I was wrong.

October 10, 2011. "Alright guys," I said in a hushed tone. "We have to get into the town and stop all infestations."

"Since when did I listen to a general with no premiums?" NKM asked immaturely.

"Ever since I could handle missions better than you."

Van chuckled mildly. NKM was about to open up his mouth to say something, but was cut off by a giant:


"Hey great some action!" Then I charged into battle maniacally. I didn't see too much except for Van handle the Dev with his Grendel (which I deeply despised). NKM was blasting zombies with an AA-12, as I was steadily mowing them down with an MP7. A typical day.. little did I know it would all change..

November 1, 2012. What a great party. I never knew NKM could fit so many mini tomatoes in his mouth.(After Halloween celebration). It was a couple days after I got my first two premium guns. the RPG and the flamethrower. They were my best weapons ever, since the Purge nests started to come around. Most of the people were leaving camp for winter vacation. I didn't know if I should too. NKM and Van went for a secret mission in the woods and haven't come back yet. So I went down to the barracks and went by my bed to pack my bags. I noticed a piece of paper on my bed. It said:

Hello, R_VB. Van and NKM came with me for a top secret mission. You don't know me, but I've seen your skill in combat, anyone good would be appreciated. I advise you to come along so we live. It's kind of like say... a Science Project.

- Neo_Wolf.

February 26, 2012. (after break) I followed the direction the note told me. I went into the middle of a German village called Verdammtenstadt. The note said: "In the sewers." Well that can't be good. I saw a sewage drain part open, and I hopped down in there. Er, climbed down. It was a pretty sizeable ladder leading down, so I took it carefully step by step. When I finally reached the bottom, I saw, what looked like a briefing room with a single large light above a table with four chairs around it. 1 chair was empty, the others will filled with NKM, Van, and most likely this Neo_Wolf. I sat down and saw two items I was very unfamiliar with.

"I see you came to join the battle. I am Neo_Wolf." Neo_Wolf said.

"I guess I did, but what are these weapons?" I asked him.

"Those.. my friend. are the Wipeout and Scmitr. Two opposites, but both made with Bio technology. The most horrible weapons to ever exist, but the best for killing zombies. Though there is a problem.." He said solemnly.

"Do they give you Radiation poisoning causing your eyes to roll out of your head?" I asked excitedly.

"Not exactly.. you see, there are some new weapons, potentially causing our demise, if we don't get them back. " Neo said in a hushed tone.

"How did zombies actually manage to take them?" I asked, now much more intrigued.

"Things is, they weren't stolen by zombies. An SAS squad went on a hunt for more powerful weapons. They were so use to everything else, they needed more weapons. Some scientists have been working on these: (points to the bio weapons) and other foul killing machines. The squad went in there and demanded to get these new weapons. Thank the gods the scientists hid these two. However, the others were stolen. So now, we have a corrupt SAS squad with all-powerful weapons running around." He said, looking down.

"So how exactly do we stop them?" I asked nervously.

"We're going to use this plan. I call it, Operation: The Science Project." Neo said triumphantly.

I leaned in closer. "Ooohhhh tell me more!"

"Excellent, I knew you'd be interested." He said with a rather maniacal grin.

"Can I please have an input?" Van asked while sipping a juice box.

"*sigh* sure, what do you need?" Neo responded.

"Well how the heck are we going to get these weapons back with only 3 people? A squad has about 8 people!" Van said in a rather panicked tone.

"Don't worry," Neo explained. " "We have other guys on the job. There is Wiffle keeping watch in Black Isle, there's undefined staking out in Verdam with his trusty RPG.. GE77 is ready with his MAC-10.. we have it under control."

"That's not enough still." Van said.

"I know, we will recruit more as we go along." Neo said now irritated.

"So what if zombies interfere?" I asked.

"I expect them to interfere 100%, we have Brand new bio weapons.. what could go wrong?" He asked quizzically.

"So, who gets what?" I asked, now completely hyped.

Neo looked around and whispered, "The SCMITR looks really cool, I gave it this really cool nickname: Scimmy, and the designs are SWEET!! Plus th-"

"You can have it." I told him.

"YAAAAAY." Neo screamed with approval.

I looked at van.

"No thanks, I like my Grendel." He said, and then started sipping his juice box again.

"Okay, I guess that leaves me with the Wipeout here." I said cautiously.

"Mmk. But be careful, that thing packs a little punch." Neo told me.

"WAIT!" NKM finally spoke. "Why did you guys forget me?!" I looked around and finally saw NKM in the far corner of the room with some coffee.

"My apologies, I forgot you were here." I said jokingly. "All I know is, I'm using Wipeout, Neo's using SCMIT-"

"Scimmy." Neo Corrected.

I continued. "Van is using the Grendel, unless he wants to chang-"

"Nope." He said quickly.

"So there you have it!" I said with pride.

"Okay what am I suppose to use?" NKM asked.

"Your brain, now let's get started in our search!" Neo said, and stood up.

Short Stories, by Wiffle

Four Fingers of Death

"Hey, you sure you're gonna be fine sitting there with those guys?", asked QuantumApocalypse. "Yeah, I'll live", I responded.</span> Dinner. Not much of one, really. Just a MRE, "Meal-Ready-to-Eat", military ration. They come up with all sorts of names for them, usually to describe how bad it tasted. Meals rejected by enemies, meals rejected by Ethiopians, meals rejected by everyone, materials resembling edibles. The list never seemed to end, but quite frankly, it wasn't THAT horrible. Perhaps a bit better than the cafeteria food in my school days. There was this thing about the hotdogs though - call it a superstition, if you will. Rumor was that whoever received the "4 fingers of death" would end up in a box tomorrow. If the zombies didn't get you, the gastrointestinal problems did. I've only seen it happen once. "What's up, Commander Wiffle?", called a Chief Warrant Officer. "The big guns don't usually sit with us little noobs." "Well, perhaps it was out of kindness, perhaps of a brain tumor, or perhaps of an unnoticed zombie bite.", I responded. Sitting at the table was said Chief Warrant Officer, a volunteer Private First Class, a Sergeant Major, and I. We usually called the volunteers spare brains, unknown soldier, or noob recruit. They were one-time clean up operators that went along with the SAS to help kill a couple of rotten bullet soakers. In return, they got a ration and a couple of bucks. Poorly armed, volunteeers usually had nothing more than a MP5 and a Glock 17. Pity. Such recruits usually tended to go down in combat quickly, mauled by the incoming wall of diseased flesh. Fortunately, some special solution had been concocted that would halt the spread of the zombie virus, but it had to administered within a few minutes. 5 pass and your friend's a goner. "So", the Sergeant said, starting the subject, "how 'bout a nice chat about those golden officers of old? The ones that went before the outbreak was made public? I take it you're one of them." "Yes, always did want to know what became of good 'ol Klasvich", implored the Warrant Officer. "Oh, Klas? Well, I heard he stuffed a cat inside a bottle and took pictures of it. That, and some dogs mating too. Shared it all. He was discharged by SOUP after his conduct was ruled "unbecoming of an officer". "Oh, that sucks. Quite pointless to fire a legacy like him for such a petty offense, but life goes on." "How about that James Shay guy I used to hear about?" asked the private. "Eh, well, he criticized one of our weapon suppliers and away with the wind he went", Wiffle said. (I am speaking in third person) "A hasty and ill-thought decision. A more helpful man I never met." "Lancethompson? Michael Zhao? Doubleflash?" The sergeant was curious. "Oh, well, they just, y'know, drifted away from service after some time. Nothing dramatic. Boredom was probably at the heart of it all. Only oldie active now is Neo_Wolf and perhaps QuantumApocalypse", I said, pointing to the Commander's dining room. "Nice guys, you should get to meet them sometime." "Chief, you haven't eaten a bite of your food", announced the warrant officer. "What are you going to do with it, feed the birds?" Switching my mind back to what dinner was all about, I opened my MRE when those dreadful packets appeared before my eyes. "Dammit!". "What's wrong, Wiffle?", asked the private. "Four fingers of death".


Rumbling along to our operation with my dinner party, I couldn't help but wonder if our driver was drunk. Too many a sharp turn, too many a last-second break. Sighing, I turned to my teammates. We'd been traveling for a week by now and were currently located somewhere in the Southern United States on a mission to help out some city - forgot the name - with an infestation.

"Say, what shall we do?", I inquired in the calm. "Anybody got some dice? Board game? Not too shabby at chess, if I do say so myself". "Nope", answered the warrant officer bluntly. "Nothing at all". The private spoke up. "Oh, I've got one. A couple goes on a date. The children are left behind in a circular home -". His words were cut off as my voice rang out. "It was the maid. There were no corners." "Thanks a lot! Here's another one: Spell pig backwards and name as many wacky colors as you can". "Alright, fine. Gee I pee on your face on your mother's face on your father's face on your sister's face on your new fancy sofa on your bed in your water in the driver's glass of wine I just offered Neo a cup of -----". Everyone stared at me sullenly. The private was downright confused.

"AWKWARD SILENCE!!!!!!!!", screamed the Sergeant at the top of his lungs. He raised his Desert Eagle in the air and fired an ear-splitting shot as a hole half an inch wide appeared in the canvas. "What the f**ck was that for?!", exclaimed the Warrant officer. "Did you plan on making us all deaf?". "Hell, maybe's he working in the hospital or something and he wants us to pay for repairing hearing damage. With the prices these days you never - ". I was rudely interrupted by...a...moan? The private started whining. "Oh, crap, what was that?". The sound came from the driver's compartment in the truck.

Our fears were confirmed as we heard multiple, louder groans and the sound of scratching. The truck was no longer being steered; it was instead just pulling straight ahead. "Ah hell no. Looks like the driver got bitten and he couldn't kill the virus in time. Probably was hiding it to avoid execution. That explains the poor motor skills". The sergeant looked p***ed. "Relax, I've got this covered", I said. I picked up my M4A1 Beowulf and, turning to fire select to semiautomatic, fired at the direction of the driver's seat. Several holes appeared in the wall and we could hear the moans cease, only to be replaced by the letting of breath that was a telltale sign of someone dying. "Well, you've outdone me there", stated the sergeant.

The jokes ceased when we realized the startling truth: There was no one driving the truck now. "We're screwed. Oh, we're screwed.", said the private in a small voice. Pretty sure he was spelling pig backwards. "C'mon, we can't sit here whining! Someone get out and drive the truck", cried the warrant officer. "And how do we suggest you do that? One of us get out and that poor soul's left in the dust!". Frantic situations often lead to frantic solutions, and I had little patience for mindless thinking. Unfortunately, I was to once again nab the gold in replicating my fellow officers' ridiculous actions. Picking up my AA-12, I switched the safety off and attempted to blast a hole in the back of the truck to get into the cab, but it was futile. The buckshot simply didn't spread enough to make very large a space. Peaking out of the rip I made, I saw green and brown. Trees, and then we went tumbling.

The truck barreled into the forest at 40 miles an hour, crashing into trees and rolling over rocks. The private was screaming, but any sound was drowned out by the crunching of steel meeting cellulose. Veering to the side multiple time, the truck was hurtling along like a roller coaster that poured crack into its morning coffee. It then hit a huge trunk and toppled on its side.

Bruised, I stepped across the canvas side of the truck. The engine was still running. "Everyone okay here?" I asked. "Yeah, we're fine", confirmed the Warrant officer, sweeping his eyes around to make sure. The private was sobbing like a kindergartner who heard a clap of thunder. Mr. Warrant officer had a black eye, and hearing aid sergeant a bloody nose, but on the whole nobody had any serious injuries. "Well then...let's get the hell out, then talk later. Who knows what sh*t lies hidden around here". Taking out a knife, I flipped the black blade open and cut a hole. Shaken, we stepped out into the dark abyss that was the forest.

"Alright, so what now? Wiffle, you're the commander, you take charge.", said the sergeant in a stern tone. "We scan the area. For shelter, and for any zeds lying around this place. And for whatever you're worth, don't split up. This is unknown territory". AA-12 in hand, I wandered around the trunks, leading the pack when we came to a clearing. A homely shack stood in plain site. Aside from a few chickens running about like their heads were cut off, there was no sign of life.

"Well, I think we've seen this before".

What's inside?

"Alright, so what's this banged up place got to offer? Chicken pot pie, that seems about it." The Warrant Officer didn't appear too pleased. "Hey, nothing better in sight, we make do with what we've got. Didn't they teach you that as part of survival?" I said back. "Let's make sure the area's secured, then make ourselves comfortable".

Sure, the farm didn't see all that threatening, and no unearthly howls were coming from within, but appearances can be deceiving. Our squad took formation. Knocked the door. Once. Twice. No answer. "Zombies make noise when alerted", I informed, "but people sometimes don't. I don't suppose there's any huge threat in here". Opening the, for whatever reason, unlocked door, I preceded inwards with my teammates, back to back with guns down but ready. It was still, and nothing was in sight.

"Alright, let's search the other rooms". We found nothing living (or dead, for that matter), but there were some supplies that could come in handy. Namely, a bag of flour, a loaf of bread, oil, a few gallons of water, 2 boxes of 20 .308 Winchester bullets, and beets, counting only what was in the house. 6 chickens were located outside, as was a storm cellar with 3 cans of corn and a bunch of paint. There were 2 beds, a sofa, a chair, and a TV for the furniture. Not a luxury mansion, but it would do.

"Who'll be the unlucky chap to snooze in the hardwood?", asked the sergeant, gesturing to the chair, "cause it sure won't be me". Looking at the TV screen, I turned it on for the news. "Oh look, we got on television", said the Warrant Officer, pinching his nose to try and stop the bleeding. It was true, indeed. There was news about elections, some new finding about global warming (seems the scientists keep discovering new ways of how our planet is getting screwed up while not actually researching anything to stop it, trolololol), and us. How the driver had sent no signal in the last few hours. According to them, this was probably a minor mistake, and things would be stabilized soon enough. Yeah. Far from it. We were interrupted by the private. "Hey, Wiffle, you said you played Chess? I found a board and some clothes." "You're the only one who needs that, pissy-pants", the sergeant taunted. I felt it appropriate to intervene. "Let's not mock each other right now, okay? Squads stay together, or we'll be reduced to a pile of rotten meat soon enough. Right now, I'm for choosing who sleeps where. Everyone know how to play chess?".

Well, I ended up placing second, and secured a bed for a week. The Sergeant got the other bed. "Hey, this one has flowers. Much better than your lousy plain white.", he said, apparently thinking a couple of petals was an ample reward for coming out on top of Wiffle in the chess game. I didn't mind. "Yeah, that's real manly. Exploring your feminine side?", I asked in a teasing manner. "Thought you said we shouldn't insult each other", shot back the Sergeant. "Ah, who cares. I'll be in the kitchen making a meal for everyone else here. You can thank me". "Oh, and you said I was exploring my feminine side?". "Shut up".