The zombies found in SAS 3 are the Swarm Zombie, Sprinter, Strangler, Shadow, Parasite/Worm (spawned by Bloater), Bloater, Mamushka, Skeleton (spawned by Devastator) and Devastator.

Swarm ZombiesEdit

"Fairly easy to kill, but watch out for them in large numbers: they aren't called Swarm Zombies for nothing."

Swarm zombie

Different coloured Swarm Zombies.

The most basic zombie in SAS 3. Abundant on every wave, and fairly weak. As the help suggests, they are only dangerous if in packs. A couple of them will do nothing, but a swarm can rip through flesh, bone or barricade in a matter of seconds.


"Fast but weak."

Run run, as fast as you can...

Strangler / ChokerEdit

"Tough and nasty."

Stranglers have high health, but deal little damage.


"Follows you relentlessly, ignoring obstacles."

The Shadow ignores object collision entirely.

The pedobear of SAS 3.

Bloater / Butcher Edit


The slobs of the zombie apocalypse.

"Contains a revolting, wriggly suprise."

When killed, it releases 5 worms, which die in 1 hit from any weapon. Although fragile, they are actually more dangerous than sprinters. With the highest attack rate of any enemy ingame, they can attack while moving forward. It is not advised to reload straight after killing a Bloater because of this. If you were to reload while being chased, if you were caught and/or cornered they can drain your health suprisingly fast. They are also sometimes hard to spot against the ground compared to the PC version, which in some cases can (from the point of view of an untrained eye) lead to taking damage from an "invisible" enemy.


"Splits in two, then two again..."


I never liked those nesting dolls...

Upon being killed it splits into two smaller versions, which then split again. The smallest/last form is the most annoying and deadly, because despite it's low HP it has very high damage and speed. Due to the fact of it's splitting it makes Holy Grenades ineffective against it, with the player leaning toward standard frag grenades instead.


See "Devastator"


The Bones Brigade... c wut i did thar?

Normally spawn in groups of 9-12, spawned by Devastator.


"Was this ever human? Summons skeletons, pounds the ground to damage all nearby players, or just punches


One badass mother...

you in the face."

The Devastator is the final zombie type in SAS 3. It is the strongest and toughest as well. It has 3 attacks; a strong punch, an AoE ground-pound and it is also able to summon 9-12 skeletons at once. It is recommended for non-premium players and anyone new to fighting them to use a high mobility weapon. This is because for all 3 of it's attacks it has to stop to perform them, making it's punch and ground-pound easy to avoid

Super DevastatorsEdit

Super Devastators are those zombies that are exclusive to SAS3 IPhone/IPod Touch.These zombies are stronger than Devastator,runs even faster than Worms and have more health than Zombie Nests (not appeared in IPhone/IPod Touch).The best 4 weapons are:

  • ZCS Wipeout
  • Mark II (Best gun if you cant buy any premium gun)
  • RPG-7